Friendly Match CINTA dan DEDIKASI FT: PSS Sleman vs Bali United (3-0) Gol PSS : Guy Junior (47'), Wahyu Gunawan (61' P), Guy Junior (86')

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Forza Sleman is Super Elja Fans Blog. Forza Sleman blog a concept magazine blog that contains information about PSS Sleman

Disclaimer is a blog with information magazine concept, most of the contents of forzasleman.blogspot.comhe information is reloaded from many sources as we can from online websites with the help of  Google Search Engine Where if you feel you have the material and the object in the form of articles, images or videos displayed on kindly requested to contact the admin via the Contact Us column for further action can be taken such as removal of material them. 
Users or reader allowed to spread the material in  through forums, social networks, social bookmarking, email, or oral. Jjika you are a user of a personal blog, social media of electronic and non-electronic shared contents of this blog with or without specifying the source. are not willing to be responsible for inaccuracies or delays in information or loss of any kind by referring to the contents of the presented in ranging from articles, videos, pictures, advertisements in any form used as a reference or references.

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User Forza Sleman blog consciously aware that by using the facilities available Forza Sleman has complied with the rules that have been set. 
Forza Sleman does not store users' personal identity this blog except for third parties connected to the admin, in the form of source articles, banner ads, or link ads. Forza Sleman is connected to a third party that is connected directly from the Forza Sleman , you will be on the new privacy policy rules of each service. 

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In addition to getting information supplied Forza Sleman you also have a right to comment on the comments, 

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  6. containing words or images that cause a sense of horror, rough, dirty, slovenly, and swearing.
  7. disseminate certain ideology or doctrine in principle prohibited by applicable law in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia
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